Meet Miatta Ellis (Owner of Dash Hair and Company/ Master Stylist)

Miatta Ellis is the proud owner of Dash  Hair and Company, LLC. She has worked in the beauty

Industry for a decade. She started her career, working at Patrique of New York right out of beauty

school.  As a professional hair stylist, Miatta has kept current on all of the modern hair products

and style trends by attending many classes, workshops, and hair shows over the years. She has

also been trained and has worked with several  product lines including Design Essentials, Basic,

Pravana, Wella,  hair extensions  and  many more.


Her passion for hair and beauty and her adoration for others, has brought her much success in the

industry. She has trained many new apprentices with the appreciable knowledge and skills they

need to succeed within the beauty industry. Miatta also enjoys seeing the joy on her many

client’s faces after pampering and educating them on daily hair care maintenance.

Miatta is a very passionate person with a wonderful, friendly personality who provides great

advice on what products and hair care maintenance  would be best for each person that walks into her Beauty Salon.

She wants each customer to not only enjoy the time spent in her salon, but also wants every

Individual that leaves her salon to leave feeling great about themselves. Miatta is  also a certified extensions specialist and Master Loctician.